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Etiquette for the office kitchen

Ever find yourself lagging behind late in the day, sidled up to the office coffee machine, and found a pile of used grinds in the basket with not a drop of coffee left? Sure, coworkers can commit far more heinous crimes, but it’s the kind of peccadillo that’s sure to annoy if it happens enough.

Likewise, many of us have had coworkers who have left lunches in the fridge long enough to sprout mold and become unsanitary. The kitchen sink is already the dirtiest place around– and your colleague just made matters worse! A sign with a code of kitchen cleanliness can make all the difference.

Placed in any common area, courtesy signs provide a gentle reminder to be considerate, and can make the difference between camaraderie and simmering resentment.

Office Refrigerator Etiquette
When we leave our lunch to age in the fridge, it’s because we forgot, but when our coworkers do it, it’s because they’re rude, of course!
Office Kitchen Etiquette
If your office kitchen looks like this, you could probably use a sign… and a dishwasher.