Cultural etiquette – Do you speak tourist?

How a city treats its visitors can determine how many of them decide to come back. Word of mouth publicity can also result in others planning to visit the city. Such factors could be behind Parisian officials’ initiative. The Paris Chamber of Commerce and the regional tourism committee have launched a six page cultural etiquette guide for city residents.

Tourists in Paris

Tourists outside The Louvre in Paris. [Image by zoetnet]

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Annoying cell phone behavior and the rage against it

Cell Phone Use in Movie Theater

Bad Cell Phone Behavior [Image By: Holy Taco]

Recently, a theatergoer in NYC, Kevin Williamson snatched the cell phone of a loud and disruptive audience member, and threw it across the room when she refused to stop using it. Kevin’s impromptu and daredevil reaction not only left everyone amused but also threw light on the great annoyance cell phones create. Continue reading

10 Worst Workplace Behaviors and How to Tackle Them

Email etiquette

Image via Pinterest

Let’s face it; we’ve all inadvertently broken an office code of conduct one time or the other, and our peers have been more than generous and forgiven us. But what about repeat offenses; what kind of workplace behavior does not go down well with co-workers?

While an annoying habit like ordering a stinky lunch may make one a butt of jokes in the office, serious ethics violations like stealing credit for work done or shared by others and bullying makes one a common enemy. Here we list (in no particular order) 10 worst workplace behaviors that annoy co-workers to no limits and often become a source of distress for them. Continue reading

Five Coffee Shop Etiquettes for Laptop Squatters

For many writers and novelists, cafes are their second abode. They have long served a generation of writers who strutted in their neighborhood coffee shop to get away from homely distractions and submerse themselves in the white noise of tableware clinking together, people murmuring their daily chants and guzzling their favorite coffee. A great many writers even found inspiration for their literary works in the coffee shop they went to. J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series chose a quaint café, Elephant House with a view of the Edinburgh castle, to write her early novels.

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Keep Calm and Let the Kid Play

Keep Calm and Let The Kid PlayDo you remember the look of joy on your parents’ face when you threw your first pitch? You may have done a terrible job but they cheered nonetheless. It is true that your parents are your biggest fans but it doesn’t take long before some turn from loyal fans into fanatics.

A hockey game in Quispamsis N.B turned intense when witnesses saw a player’s mom and one of the team’s coaches verbally abusing a 13-year old referee for missing calls. It was a classic example of parents resorting to violent and unethical behavior, often to overrule a poor decision made against their kids..

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